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+ If stopped in a roadblock, what is the allowed procedures that a traffic officer may do. For instance may he check under the bonnet of your car, or is he allowed to climb into your car without a warrant to state that he may do so. If you could be so kind as to tell me what is allowed in a roadblock or where i can find the rules of one, i would appreciate it.

+ Question: When indicating to do a lane change either left or right, what are the rules for traffic approaching from the rear in the intended lane...I was stuc behind a vehicle intending to turn right and hence wanted to turn into the left lane. I waited for quite some time for the traffic to clear in the left lane, and did all my neccesary checks. When I subesequntly started my lane change, a car in my blind spot on the left lane sped up wich ended in a collision

+ Question: I hope you will be able to assist me, but I would like to know is there any law the specifically governs trucks and how they are supposed to drive on the road. For instance, can a truck turn from an inside lane? knowing that it cannot make the turn? or are they allowed to drive through suburbs? in order to avoid the high way? Any help you can give will be much appreciated.

+ Question: I want to know, once passing a speed sign do you have to be exactly on that speed limit or do u still have a few meters to reach the correct speed????

+ When you are going to take a right hand turn and there isnt a turn lane, can you use the shoulder to take a turn? Also this means can you go to the right side of a white solid line to take a turn?

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29 Bronze Street

Unit 4

South Africa
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Tel: 035 787 3173/4

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